Day 11 🚀 Aiming high

You see, as we grow up, we are often told we should not aim too high. That it’s arrogant, or pretentious. In the old paradigm, it makes sense. When you needed farmers, soldiers or factory workers, you didn’t want people to stand out. Even in services, many jobs require you to shut up and do your job.

Well, times are changing and this is not the need of the time anymore. With better tech and automation, what the world needs is more ambitious and creative people. Driven people who can think outside the box.

So I don’t know about you, but I have big plans! More videos, more podcasts, more programs, huge events, a book… Honestly, I’ve never been that excited!

Some people will think I’m an imposture. Even my inner voice sometimes goes “Who do you think you are?” Who cares? I’ll keep going 🙌 Doubt will be there but I’ll make sure it’s in the back seat, not in the driver’s seat.

I hope from now on you'll decide to aim high and won't apologise about it. Here is a cool video by Prince Ea about the story of the eagle who thought he was a chicken. As it's a short video, I added another great one by Prince Ea about our education system.