We provide the knowledge & activities that will make you more performant, happier & healthier.

We believe it is the foundation of a life with self-mastery, freedom and purpose


Our Podcast: Dreamers & Doers

We interview people who follow their passion and take massive action to build their dream life and make a positive impact in the world.


Our events in Sydney

We organise 10-15 events each month in Sydney. Weekly sunrise yogas, meditations, bootcamps & much more. One rule only: come with good vibes!

Combining the best knowledge with the best activities

Online Programs & Community

We create online programs to help your master your mind. They combine knowledge from the top experts and little consistent actions you can take everyday to master your mind, be happier, healthier and more performant.

Meet Alex LAMBER, founder of UNLOCKT

After graduating from one of Europe’s top business schools and successfully growing startups in Australia, Alex decided to go all-in on his passion: sharing the knowledge & activities that help you create a life you love.

Alex spent the past few years listening to the most successful people sharing their tips and he started implementing them. From meditation to gratitude journals. From productivity tools to morning routines.

There is no secret. If you implement the same recipes, you will also build a beautiful life, one step at a time.