Truth, Happiness and the Labrador’s dilemma

When I go through experiences that you may qualify as “quest for truth”, a question I get asked a lot is: Why? It’s a pretty fair question.

It all comes down to this scene in The Matrix, do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill?

I’ve often asked myself. If I were to choose happiness or truth, what would I choose? I would personally choose truth.

The Labrador’s dilemma

A rather extreme example I had in mind when I was studying a bit of philosophy was what I called the Labrador’s dilemma. At the time, my grand parents had a Labrador, and sometimes I would look at him and think his life is pretty great. Just chilling, being in the present, not much to worry about, seems super happy all the time. But then I would ask myself: would I like to be this Labrador? And the answer is a clear No. Still, I completely understand people who would answer Yes. It may even make more sense!

Why we choose truth and evolution over simple happiness?

So I cannot really justify this answer. It just seems to me that happiness is not the most important thing. Evolution and quest for truth are things that are more important to me.

And I personally think it is something I share with most people and this is why we are not cavemen and hunter-gatherers anymore… But I cannot really know why we make this decision, I feel like it’s simply built in our human condition.

So when I’m in a “quest for truth”, I feel like I simply follow who I am as a human being.