The missing ingredient for happiness is the realisation that we already have everything

Happiness comes from within. This is true on a personal level, but also on the social level. When we realise this, we will all live in utopian societies of authenticity, love and kindness.


On a personal level

When you follow the personal growth journey and raise your level of self-awareness, you quickly understand that happiness comes from within. That happiness is not found in the achievement of a certain goal or in exterior factors. The conditions of your happiness are already here and you don’t need anything more, all it takes for you is to see it. There are exercises you can practice and content you can consume to realise it.

For our societies

I believe we are only a few steps away from completely changing the way we think. From abandoning the feeling that we need to step on others’ toes in order not to save our asses. All we need is a shift in our minds.

Our societies are like a big prisoner’s dilemma

If you don’t know what the prisoner’s dilemma is, watch this little video:

In this dilemma, the missing ingredient for cooperation is information. If the prisoners could discuss, they would choose together the optimal solution for the group. The absence of communication makes that we sabotage ourselves. When we start realising what the optimal solution is and we are confident we are working together towards this optimal goal, people will become more generous, kind and loving because they will understand that’s how they will thrive.

How do we launch the movement?

I’m starting to get interested in these people building utopian societies. There are many very realistic projects, like the Seasteading Institute. We can see this phenomenon happen also in small societies like some music festivals and there is nothing proving that we could not recreate this at the scale of the whole humanity. This is also what we are creating with UNLOCKT. We build a dematerialised utopian society where people thrive through authenticity, love and kindness. The feeling of liberation you get is so strong that you quickly want to include the people you love in this new way of thinking and it gets viral pretty quickly.

When will it happen?

It’s impossible to answer because it happens when you become aware of it. Personally, I think this wave has already started and that there is nothing that can stop it. Look at how many shares and views someone like Jay Shetty gets. This is not a fad. But I do believe that information goes so quickly that maybe in 2 years, or 5 years, there could be a majority of our Western World that discovers happiness and unconditional love. One can only try to slow it down or to accelerate it. UNLOCKT is a way to accelerate it. This article is a way to accelerate it. Join us!