The Story

Leaving the comfort zone…

Leaving the comfort zone…

If you're interested in why I started UNLOCKT, here we go:

In case you don't know me, I'm Alex, the founder of UNLOCKT.

I believe that now is the most exciting time to be alive. A time when everything seems possible, from the best to the worst.

It's true when you look at our societies. It's also true on a personal level.

Let me give you an example:

With my phone, I can learn to meditate, follow my "get shredded in 6 weeks" workout program and listen to a podcast with Elon Musk discussing AI. For a small cost, I can thrive at a pace that was not conceivable before! How exciting!

But if I'm not careful, my phone will always distract me. I'll lose my ability to focus. I won't be present with the people I love. I'll compare myself to others on social media. And I'll end up miserable, in depression or burnout and take pills to solve it. As do so many people nowadays. How depressing!

The world is changing so fast that we struggle to keep the pace. How can I blame the school or my parents for not educating me on these risks when they are not even aware of these risks in the first place?

Our fast-paced environment requires us to keep learning and constantly adapt. And guess what? It will change faster and faster. Whatever you already know, you need to become good at learning and adapting, and if possible doing so without stress. This is the most important skill in the world of Today and Tomorrow. If you're not convinced, I invite you to read 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari.

While personal growth may have been a luxury, it is now a necessity if you don't want to become obsolete. Even if you don't like the direction our world is going, you need to first understand it and navigate it efficiently before you have an impact.

Now, to do this, there are some foundations. I divide them between content and activities. Think of it as you'd think of a computer. There is the software and the hardware: the machine that runs the software. To improve, you need both the software and the hardware. For example, you can listen to as much Stoic and Buddhist philosophy as you want, but if you don't meditate, rest and eat well, your physiology is simply not wired to execute their principles.

This is why you need to combine:
- the best content that exists in the world, curated from books, TED talks and podcasts (software part)
- the most renown activities to integrate it into your life. It starts with simple well-being like sleeping, eating healthy, exercising and meditating (hardware part)

As I was listening to amazing content and starting to implement the tips in my life, I found that it increased my levels of performance, vitality and happiness. So I naturally wanted to share them.

This idea was so exciting to me that I thought I'd rather take the risk and make it a business. The risk for me wasn't that big anyway. We tend to overestimate risk. I could get back a regular job if I wanted to, so it was worth a try.

I'm quite passionate about all this so it'd be a shame to keep it a side project. Overall, I think the world would be better off if we were dedicating more time to what we love and believe in, rather than trying to fit in. And by the way, finding something that passionates you does not pop up as if by magic, you need to search for it, take action and try different things.

So, well, that's the story of how UNLOCKT and especially the programs were born.

Then we also do the newsletter so people can have a little reminder and some content when they're not doing a program. And what better way to grow than connecting with like-minded people? So there is also a community chat and events that you are welcome to join!

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs