#65 - Automate Your Business for a Life of Freedom - Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson is the founder of Kenji ROI, a One-Stop-Shop for Amazon Optimization.

He has now mostly automated his business and is focusing on coaching people to do the same so they can also have an automated business that creates a life of freedom.

Here is what we discussed:

1. His story. From carpenter to online businesses.

2. Tolls and best tips to automate your business

3. How these automations allow him to have freedom

4. Routines and kegels to have high energy πŸ˜‚

5. The impact he wants to have in the world

For more info check https://www.dannycarlson.co/

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who follow their passion and take action to make a positive impact.