#49 - Don't let others hold you back - Jessica Hickman

I met Jessica at our weekly yoga events and we have a lot in common. She loves personal growth and has built a training and education business. At 29, she is an international speaker, an author, podcast host and super inspiring.

She especially commits to raise awareness on bullying, whether in schools or in the workplace. Her business is built from the personal experience of suffering 3.5 years of workplace bullying. We will discuss:

1- Her story and why she started her business

2- What is bullying and why we need to speak up

3- Aiming high and not being sorry for it

4- What people may say and why it shouldn't hold you back

5- The impact she wants to have

More info about her work on https://bullyology.com/

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who follow their passion and take action to make a positive impact.