#44 - Going Deep - Champion Freediver Adam Stern

At 30, Adam Stern is a champion freediver. He holds the Australian record of free immersion, going to 99m with one breath. I encourage you to follow his insightful & fun Youtube channel.

He is one of the freedivers that inspired me to get my level 1 certificate a few weeks ago and I found a new passion. Freediving requires a unique combination of fitness, dedication and relaxation, which can be hard to combine. The feeling of peace down there is incredible.

I'll ask him about:
- His story. How you got into competitive freediving
- How it feels when you go that deep?
- How he pushes his body & mind through competitive freediving.
- What it takes to be a good freediver. Pushing yourself vs relaxing.
- Little practical tips to hold your breath longer.

Dreamers & doers is a series of live interviews with people who follow their passion and take action to make a positive impact.