#27 - Train your nervous system - Dr Kaushik Ram


0': How he got into neuroscience
4'30: What's missing when we try to explain non-cognitive experiences and truth
8'20: His workshop on survival and how working with the nervous system rather than stop at the subconscious level
11'55: Why we need to train our nervous system
18'40: How to tap into nature's intelligence
22'50: How to slow down your heart rate and why it matters
28'24: How breath helps you operating from a place of flow rather than fear

31': You can reverse the hijacking of your nervous system by society and how to get your best ideas
38': Can you apply it to performance and fitness

Kaushik is back on the show and we’ll discuss survival.

Kaushik wanted us to have a more fun and spontaneous conversation than last time so he wanted me not to prepare, which I'm fine with 😊 but you can be sure it’ll be super interesting.

Kaushik holds a PhD in neuroscience and wrote his book entirely in a state of flow. He also trained himself to control his stress reactions. He has a workshop coming up this weekend and will speak at TEDxSydney next year.

So no agenda, but it will be a fun interview and we will have a little audience.

For more information, visit https://drkaushikram.com

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