Patrick Hamilton

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I Tell us a bit more about you! 

I am a fun guy! 175cm, athletic build and looking for the next ‘right’ application! For this, I need a strong ‘why?’. As I sold my transport business in 2015 to seek more stimulation, I really want to develop a product that can help people, won't be obsolete in 2 or 20 years or arm our environment.

I grew up in Mudgee (Australia) on a sheep farm selling Lamb and Wool. I am currently developing an electric skateboard just for practice of my systems integration skills. I just had a baby (Kosmo) with my lovely partner Kirsten.

Since I left school without the marks to get into University, I've been chasing money. After working as a draftsman in engineering firm, I moved to Canada to work as a snowboard instructor. I came back to Australia to do a business diploma and found that no one can really teach you how to run a business. Just need to dive in and continually progress. Which is why I borrowed $30,000, bought a truck and get into it, without customers. Three years later, I had two trucks and a really awesome Polish manager Jeremy.

I also started a muesli business called "muesli for me" with two other partners where you could choose your own ingredients and we would send it out to you each month. I now don’t value money as high as my time.

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

I helped some girl I met in the street late one night to get a dentist. She introduced me to Gab who introduced me to Alex. He has always been a super fun and awesome guy.  I know he will be very successful due to his fun nature. I remember when he first tried to sell cuff links just to learn how online sales works, his method is really have a go and learn as you apply. I think he has evolved and that UNLOCKT going to be more successful as he is so committed to it.

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Rather than making the money and then making my dreams come true, I work directly on that idea, focusing all my energy and time on making the dream a reality!

Patrick Hamilton

III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

I really enjoy personal development of self-help. Reading books like "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" in my in between times is like having a personal mentor 24/7.  The reason I pay for UNLOCKT is because I don't have the time to search through all of the self-help content and find the best stuff and put it on my doorstep for me to enjoy every day.

I think it's easy to slip into a routine that's painful at work and continue in that routine. UNLOCKT makes you question your every day as you should.

IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey? 

At the moment my goals are to finish my thesis - force feedback on an electric skateboard.

  • Exercise every day ( make it a priority)
  • Gain confidence in my own decisions.
  • Find an investment property for under $350 000  and purchase it.
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