Olivia Shanti

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I Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Hello all! I am French and was born in Lyon, however travel & living around the world has always been a way of life for me. I left my country in my early twenties and travelled into 34 now ( plus lived into 6)! Right now I live in Sydney Australia, but regularly visit family & friends in Singapore, France, India & Tahiti. It is a beautiful thing to be able to experience many cultures of the world and I believe this also allows the practice of compassion & forgiveness to be achieved. 

I'm also a yoga teacher and coach, the exclusive Siddha Yoga practitioner in Australia actually.  It is the most ancient type of Yoga in the world from the Siddha medicine dated of 60,000 years taught to warriors by Healers or siddhars from Tamil Nadu South of India 8,000 years ago. You can learn a bit more on my practice on my website ;) 

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

I met Alex at a party nearby Bondi! It was a cool event and we just naturally connected. He told me about his project and invited me for an interview. I must admit I quickly joined, few days after I first knew Alex. I was too exicted I guess ahaha

III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

The topic related to UNLOCKT made me really curious. As a long term yoga practitioner, some topic were naturally resonating with my own conviction and I wanted to improve my knowledge in this topic. Keep having a sharp mind and improving your knowledge is one of my secret to keep being young ;) 

IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey?

On 7 April 1993 I found out that my father had been murdered in his own home. My life stopped and a complicated crime investigation began. It was this event that initiated my connection to ancient Buddhism teachings about forgiveness and gratitude in life.

knew inside that for my life to become calm & peaceful once again, I needed to feel happiness. It wasn't easy after this experience, however I knew it was the way... the right way.

  • In 1997 I met and trained with the Dalai Lama for the first time. Since then I have met with him five more times, in both France & Australia.