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self development

Andrew Lewis

Andrew is the Country Manager of Virtual Coworker. Instead of staying in his comfort zone, Andrew tries to improve his life in multiple ways.: sport, adventure, business and relation

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Olivia Shanti

Life & Wellness Mentor . Yoga Coach . Global Yoga Teacher . Exclusive Siddha Yoga practitioner in Australia


Mathieu Penot

Mathieu is deeply into early education. He believes self-development is a way to reconnect with our inner child. A playful, worry-less and kind little human sitting inside each of us. Did UNLOCKT help him with it ? 

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Christopher cochet

Chris is a consultant for Deloitte, and is living his NZ dream right now. World traveller used to live in Europe, then in America. Discover how Chris changed his life with meditation. 

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patrick hamilton

Patrick is a"self-made" man who already achieved to create two companies, found a family and give them a property. 

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Matthias Ollard

Discover how Matthias unlocked new potential and answer in his life by being able to take a first step in the right way. 

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi
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alexi unlockt supporter