Dr. Kaushik Ram

Neuroscientist, visionary, adventurer


Who is KAushik

With a PhD in neurosciences Dr. Kaushik Ram works with forward-thinking global cooperation, government departments and leading education providers to unlock their natural abilities. He has pioneered research into the intelligence of the nervous system and led groundbreaking talks in Australia and internationally. Founding Director of the Institute for Implicit Intelligence, his research specialises in non-cognitive intelligence such as intuition, instinct and various elevated brain states such as hypnotic, trance-like and flow states. He pools this research under the collective term - implicit intelligence. He has pioneered techniques to re-establish a connection to this intelligence and recover from diseases that are mental, physical and physiological.

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How can he helps ? 


Online course:

  • Industry leading program for brain-body mastery
  • Step by step exercises to sustain brain function at an elevated state
  • Understand the anatomy of the ego 
  • Experiential exercise to reveal unconscious patterns 
  • Train your nervous system to enhance your natural instincts  
  • Use intuitive guidance mechanisms for realtime decisions
  • Align brain-body intelligence to restore our natural abilities
  • Work less, do more by entering Flow




Performance consultation:

• Moderate internal states to respond effectively and proactively to stress
• Multiply the amount of time by slowing down the nervous system
• Engage with more meaning, empathy and authenticity
• Break down explicit ways of thinking to generate new and creative solutions
• Enhance personal and interactive relationships between managers, staff and teams 

• Access high levels of imagination  and flow
• Improve intrinsic motivation in your workplace
• Open lines of communication to build trust and rapport
• Learn to interpret intuition for timely and powerful decision-making


Public speaking - Highly sought after speaker on:


  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Disruption
  • Communication 

Hidden World: The Inside Story of the Soul

The acclaimed author of the captivating book - Hidden World: the inside story of the soul. In this book, he tackles the critical issue of how the evolution of humankind has been hijacked by the brain and that humans have lost the intelligence of their own bodies. He teaches the nervous system by communicating directly to the subconscious, all within a powerful narrative of personal adventures from exploring with tribes in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to survival missions in the Amazon, to living in an exquisite cave in Thailand.

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"There is no better benchmark for performance than the state of your nervous system."