Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza


The little I knew about Joe Dispenza really interested me. He combines ancient wisdom and things that usually stand as spiritual, with modern science, mainly quantum physics and neuroscience.

You are your thoughts

The author makes a great job of showing you how your thoughts shape your identity. How the mind creates self-reinforcing loops that become first a habit, then your identity. Being aware of these loops is what will allow you to change them. He explains very well the theory and also gives practical meditations that I haven’t tested yet.

You create your reality

Joe Dispenza often refers to quantum science and the observer’s effect, basically that there is no actual position of an electron at the sub-atomic level and that it only has a specific position when observed. This discovery is supporting theories about the absence of objective reality and the fact that the world only exists in people’s consciousness. He also scientifically explains that the world is mainly energy, not matter, and that everything is likely to be connected through energy.

This leads to thinking that on top of affecting your own behaviours, your thoughts will also have an impact on the things around you. This relates a lot to the law of attraction. I find the law of attraction quite mystical though while Joe Dispenza refrains from grandiose claims and makes a good effort of backing up his beliefs.

The only thing I didn’t like is that i found the book quite repetitive and could probably be shorter. There are a few graphs so I would recommend the paper version vs Audible.