I loved Homo Deus, maybe even more than Sapiens.

Lately, I got really interested in what reality is, what our consciousness is, and I love Hararis' approach. So I wanted to list why I loved from Homo Deus:

  • Futurism. Most people don't understand how quickly the world is going to evolve. From transhumanism to AI, Harari explains us how the world will change and being aware of those fast changes is extremely important to be able to adapt.
  • Reframing the danger of AI. While most of the sci-fi movies fantasize about A.I getting conscious and wanting to eradicate humans, Harari states a problem that is way more likely to happen, that AI would know us better than we know ourselves. If it works better to listen to the machine rather than our feelings or intuition, what is our relevance?
  • Free will. This poses the issue of free will. With an AI that knows better, we would simply follow the recommendation and lose our free will. This is not that scary for me because I think we don't have free will anyway and Harari talks about it very well too. Every decision has causes which makes it quite unlikely that we have free will.
  • Do we have a soul? This is an interesting topic too and as I understand it, it relates to the self. He explains why it is not obvious at all that we have a soul, which can be scary for some people. 
  • Is our reality the reality? He speaks about the likelihood of us being in a simulation which is interesting. Now I feel like I'm in the Matrix.

Interestingly, Harari's very scientific and fact-driven approach relate a lot to what I have been learning when exploring the Vedic knowledge, especially when it comes to free will and the reality of our material world.

Of course, these are super complicated questions and no one has the answer, but I like reflecting and making an opinion on it, knowing that I'm happy to revise it. You end up understanding you know way less than what you thought you knew, which is always a good sign!

Because the problem is not really about what you don't know, but more about what you don't know you don't know...