Andrew Lewis

andrew lewis

I Tell us a bit more about yourself!

Hey everyone, Andrew here. I come from Sydney, born and raised. I pride myself into developing long term relationships in my life. Trust and liability are my core values.  

II How did you discover UNLOCKT?

I met Alex earlier this year and he introduced me to the UNLOCKT community, and have since undertaken two of his programs - time management and meditation. 

The meditation course helped me anchor the practice and incorporate it in my daily routine. I have always been interested in meditation, particularly transcendental meditation as it helps me be more in touch with myself and my body, which provides me with more clarity and focus to make decisions. I would highly recommend taking part in it if you get a chance - it can be expensive but its one of the best investments I’ve made towards my personal growth.


III Why did you join UNLOCKT?

Because I'm curious and got very excited by Alex's project! I don't regret it , UNLOCKT already help me a lot! 


IV What are the milestones of your Self-Development journey?

Here are a few things that has helped with my personal growth:

Pliability of muscles - the stretching of the muscles, which is considered to be the key to longevity in sport and endurance. People like Tom Brady and Roger Federer consider this very important.

The Wim Hof method - one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof method is “cold therapy” - exposing yourself to the cold builds your immune system, improves the quality of your sleep, balances hormone levels and the production of endorphins. For the last 3 months I have been incorporating cold showers as part of my morning routine. I’ve been finding myself getting less sick and gets my blood flowing in the morning which has been great for my productivity. 

Reading - Some books that have personally stood out for me are ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ and The Power of Now which Alex Kindly gave to me. Next on my reading list is a book on peak performance.

Practising gratitude - the UNLOCKT group has been helping me with setting intentions for the week and regularly practising gratitude. By setting an intention for the week with the community, you’re holding yourself accountable with a group of like-minded individuals which has been very encouraging in helping me commit myself to weekly goals, reflect on what I have been able to achieve and be thankful.